Russell Statement

We all have our own take on things and life, and here is my take on creating as an artist.

I believe the act of creating, regardless of the methodology, happens this way:

We undergo or take in an experience, internalize it, and re-express this experience externally with our own interpretation.

Looking at life, I see the positive: beauty, love, friendship, goodness, kindness, bonding, spirits crossing paths, etc.  I also see the negative: war, hatred, meanness, ugliness, violence, pain, depression, etc.

What I want and have always wanted to do with my art is, in my own small way, to put my art into the world as a counterpoint to all that is not right with this world, all that is negative.  If I can make someone smile, feel good, feel peace, and enjoy looking at my work, then I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do.