Katherine Process

Inspiration comes in several ways, but most often by leafing through my many quilt books, especially the ones featuring Amish quilts, the Esprit Collection being my favorite. Once I've decided on a design, I open my yarn cabinet and start pulling out and throwing skeins together on the floor. Sometimes the texture of the stitches will change the color a bit, so I have to play around with swatching before definitely deciding on a color combination. Once I've made a decision about the colors, I then begin the project.

Unless otherwise specified, all items are 100% acrylic and machine washable. Items with fringe should be dry cleaned.
Katherine is not selling patterns on our website. To locate patterns for items made by Katherine, check the following websites:
www.crochet-world.com | www.redheart.com
www.crochetmagazine.com | www.lionbrand.com/index.html